How to stay legal using Email Marketing.

Many people are under a misconception that all email marketing is illegal, when infact this is totally incorrect.
All types of marketing are covered by the European Marketing Compliancy Act which has been recently updated. The marketing act clearly lays out what is acceptable and what is not, providing you stay within the basic rules laid out by the marketing act and carry out your marketing responsibly then you will not fall foul of the law and you will be able to take advantage of an extremely cost effective and successful marketing technique.

Guidelines laid out by the European Email Marketing Compliancy Act

  1. It is perfectly allowable to send relevant emails to a business email address.
  2. Your email must have valid;
    Reply email address
    Subject line
    Contact address and telephone number
    Unsubscribe facility
  3. Your email content should not be of an obscene nature and the subject line should be relevant to the content of the email.
  4. If a recipient requests to be removed from your database then you must remove their details from all future marketing.
  5. You should not sell or distribute recipient data without prior agreement.



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