The software appears to have processed thousands of email addresses in only a few minutes.

Check your internet connection has not dropped the line since launching the software. Or if you are sending over a LAN check your ISP's DNS server has not gone down. If bespokemail can not contact the relevant DNS server it will flush all emails in the manner described above.

How easy is it to get started?
Once the software has been download and installed simply select the search engines you want to search and type in your area of interest and click start
I am unable to run BespokeMail in demonstraion mode, the registration window appears but the application will not load.
Open relay client relies on constant connections and disconnections with alternet servers to test if addresses support open relay. Although this will not stop the software from running, you may experience slightly degraded system performance when the module is running.
When I create an email in plain text and check it in the preview window it appears as one long line.
This preview window is only for checking imported webpages from URLs, when choosing to send a plain text email it will appear to the reciepient exactly as you typed it.
I am sending a large number of emails via Fast Send, although I can not establish exactly how many have been delivered, how can I be sure the software is still actively sending on a large list of addresses.
Try lacing your address list with your own email address every 1000 addresses .You will receive a copy of your message periodically and be assured that the software is still sending correctly.



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